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Steps to Register for PAC Day


  1. Ensure HCCH Membership is up-to-date

In order to participate in PAC Day, your HCCH membership fee must be paid for the current year. Refer to HCCH Membership Renewal for further details.


  1. Update HCCH Member Profile 

Edit your Profile to ensure that each field labeled PAC Day is completed and all Emergency Contact information is provided.


  1. When registration opens, complete the PAC Day Registration Form.    


  1. Pay Registration and Church Donation Fees

After completing your PAC Day Family Registration Form, click on the PayPal button to pay the applicable fees. 

  • PayPal: Use either your PayPal Account or proceed as a PayPal Guest, which allows you to use any credit/debit card to make the payment. You are not required to setup a PayPal account.

  • This is all that needs to be done until class sign-ups happen after registration closes
  • The day class sign-ups open, we will email you the confirmation email with a link to sign up for class.


  1. When Class Enrollment is open:
  • 6. Make class selections via this link: ONLINE ENROLLMENT

  • Scroll down to part of the page showing PAC Day Childcare and PAC Day Classes.

  • Click on the class name to expand and view all applicable details.

  • For each class you choose to register for, check the box next to your child’s name and click Register.
  • To double check what classes your kids are registered for go to the myhcch page and up at the top there is a classes tab (if you're on your phone, it looks like a little graduation cap). Here you can go to "My classes" and your classes should be listed under "Future classes". You may have to click on the expand button to view all of the classes your kid is enrolled in. 
    • Make sure your child has something selected for EVERY period.
  • If there is a class that has a waitlist, sign up for the waitlisted class AND sign up for a backup class that same hour. But only select two classes for the same hour if your first choice has a waitlist!


  1. Mail in checks for class supply fees:  

An email will be sent after registration has closed with instructions. Please wait until we email you if you are on a waitlist.

  • Checks are made payable to the teacher of each class. (NO checks should be made payable to PAC Day.)

  • Mail all checks in one envelope to:

Kristie Aldrich


  • Students whose class supply fees are not received by the specified due date will be charged a $15 late fee, or more (please see our new tuition policy - updated January 2022)