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What is SAC Day?

Secondary Academic Class Day is a non-denominational Christian homeschool co-op that provides academic opportunities for 7th-12th grade homeschooled students. HCCH is a Christian organization, adhering to the historical tenets of the Christian faith. Your participation with HCCH does not require you to agree with our beliefs, however you will be required to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with them and not promote contrary doctrines or beliefs while participating with HCCH (Please see our Statement of Faith). 

We offer core as well as elective type classes taught by tutors with education/experience in the areas they teach. The classes vary from year to year depending on availabilty of tutors and requests from families. Classes last a typical school year (August-May) and can count as full credit courses on a high school transcript. The tutors lecture and do hands-on activities during the Monday class times and assign work for the rest of the week at home, meaning parents will be required to direct their student's schooling on those days. Tutors grade the assignments and report those grades to the parent. Parents are responsible for keeping records of grades and creating the high school transcript. SAC Day is not a full academic program or replacement for you the homeschool parent. Parents are still responsible for the homeschooling of their children.

SAC is a drop off program, parents do not have to stay on campus. Families can pick and choose which classes to take and how many. If the classes chosen have a gap of time between them, we provide an area for the kids to work on homework, eat lunch, and/or socialize with their friends. Once your student finishes their last class of the day, we request they be picked up immediately. 

Registration for classes is a year-long commitment, to honor the commitment that our tutors make, we request families commit to paying for their classes in full with post-dated checks by month or semester. There is a 6 week time period at the beginning of the school year in which a family can cancel a class and only pay for the fall semester. However, after that 6 weeks, payment for the full year is non-refundable. 

Registration for each school year begins in March/April. If you are interested in registering before the school year begins, the first step is to fill out the SAC Day Interest Form. Occasionally, there is room in a class for a student to join mid-year. We leave that up to each tutor. If you are inquiring about classes after registration has closed, you can send an email to [email protected]

Due to our limitation of time, space, and staff, SAC Day is unable to provide classes for students with special academic, emotional or physical needs.