What is Bulverde United?

Starting in the Fall of 2023, Bulverde United Class Days (BU) is the combined effort of the co-ops formerly known as SAC Day and HAAC Day. In accordance with the Hill Country Christian Homeschoolers (HCCH) mission, BU has been established for HCCH member families to help meet an academic need. Classes are offered for 6th-12th grade students in core subjects and electives, as interest and available tutors allow. We meet at Bulverde Baptist Church on Mondays and Grace Fellowship Church on Wednesdays. Most classes meet only one day a week, but some are offered to meet both days.

Bulverde United is a Christian organization, adhering to the historical tenets of the Christian faith. Your participation with BU does not require you to agree with our Statement of Faith. However, you will be required to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with it and not promote contrary doctrines or beliefs while participating with us. This includes but is not limited to: maintaining the gender designed by your Creator, as well as the name given to you by your parents, and the pronouns grammar requires of that gender/name; avoiding contrary messages on clothing/buttons/phone cases; not engaging in behavior and/or conversation promoting contrary beliefs.

Our tutors are in agreement with our Statement of Faith and therefore will be teaching from a Biblical perspective in all subjects. For example, science classes will be based on the Biblical account of creation, ASL students may learn to sign Christian songs, English students will hear perspectives on literature through a Biblical lens, and prayer will be a part of many of our activities. Please consider carefully if this is a good fit for your family.

Bulverde United is organized by a board of parents in a voluntary capacity with new board members appointed as the need arises. The BU Board will set the class schedule and calendar, secure facility usage of Bulverde Baptist Church and Grace Fellowship Church, interview and approve all tutors, help resolve conflicts between tutors, students, parents and others, and plan the HCCH graduation ceremony with assistance from parents of graduating seniors and juniors. We also oversee the student council and lots of social activities with the help of parent volunteers. We need lots of help!

Bulverde United Class Days do not replace your homeschool studies. BU cannot meet the total academic needs of every student. BU families are still considered full time homeschool families and parents will be required to direct the education of their students. Tutors provide grades only; transcript preparation and record keeping remains the responsibility of the parent. Per Texas law, parents must withdraw their student from public/private school in writing. If your student has never been a part of a Texas public or private school, there is no need to register with the school district or state. See THSC for more information. To ensure that families understand and are comfortable with homeschooling, we request that you have homeschooled for at least a year already, before taking core classes at BU, you are welcome to take elective classes your first year.

At Bulverde United Class Days, qualified tutors offer core and elective classes that count for credit on high school transcripts. Our desire is to assist students in developing qualities needed for independent study that will help in college and/or the work environment. Classes meet once or twice a week and assignments are given to complete their studies at home for the rest of the week. In high school, expect core classes to require at least 1 hour per day of studying/ homework on the days they are not in class. Middle school and electives will have less time commitments outside of class. It is up to you and your student to make the most of their educational opportunities at home. Due to our limitation of time, space, and staff, Bulverde United is unable to provide classes for students with special academic, emotional, or physical needs. Our tutors can work with some special needs, like dyslexia for example, but these need to be disclosed to the tutor prior to classes beginning. Students must be able to pay attention in class and complete their assignments at home. They cannot disrupt the learning environment.

If you are interested in joining Bulverde United Class Days, please submit an Interest Form, and we will get back to you. You can also email us at [email protected].