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Starting in the Fall of 2023, Bulverde United Class Days (BU) is the combined effort of the co-ops formerly known as SAC Day and HAAC Day. In accordance with the Hill Country Christian Homeschoolers (HCCH) mission, BU has been established for HCCH member families to help meet an academic need. Classes are offered for 6th-12th grade students in core subjects and electives, as interest and available tutors allow. Starting in August 2024, BU will meet at Grace Fellowship Church on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Most classes meet only one day a week, but some are offered to meet both days.

Bulverde United is a Christian organization, adhering to the historical tenets of the Christian faith. Our tutors are in agreement with our Statement of Faith and therefore will be teaching from a Biblical perspective in all subjects.

It is our goal to make this a great place to come and teach what you are passionate about without having to deal with the administration duties that come with tutoring. You choose your curriuculm, tuition, supply fees, and number of students needed (maximum and minimum). You can request to teach on Wednesdays, Thursdsdays, or both days. You provide lectures/hands on activities on class days as well as homework for the rest of the week if applicable. You set your grading scale and report assignments/grades in our online platform for parents/students to view. Parents are responsible for directing their students on non-class days and recording/reporting grades on transcripts for high school. The BU Board is here to support you with collecting tuition, paying the facility, and with discipline issues that may arise. 

We require that our tutors have education and/or experience that qualifies them to teach their classes. We don't require certain certifications or levels of degrees. However, when it comes to certain core classes like math, science, English, Bible, etc. we would expect you to have extensive education/experience that qualifies you to teach that subject. We also run a background check on all our tutors.

We ask our families and tutors to make a school year-long commitment to be at class day every scheduled class day from August to May. The occasional absence for illness or vacation is expected. You will be required to find and pay a substitute for your class if you have an expected absence. The substitute must be over 21 and approved by the BU Board. We collect annual tuition from families in the form of post-dated checks and distribute them to you on the first Monday of each month (August, September, October, November, January, February, March, and April). The school year consists of 32 weeks total, so it is easier to collect 8 full month payments, even though August, December and May only have a couple of school days. We take off Thanksgiving week, 3-4 weeks at Christmas (depending on where the holidays fall), and Spring Break in early March. Classes finish the first week of May.

If you are interested in applying for an instructor position, please submit this application. You will contacted by email once your application is received and reviewed. If there are no openings, Bulverde United will keep this application on file for future reference.

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Do you disagree with any parts of our Statement of Faith? If so, please list them here.

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Please list the classes/subjects you are interested in teaching, include the age/grade level of each class as well as what day (Monday or Wednesday) you want to meet. If you want to teach a class that meets on both days, make note of that too:

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Please list colleges or universities you have attended and degrees received and provide the following for each one.

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Please list teaching experience and any additional relevant employment or experience, including teaching in a homeschool setting. This would inlcude any students you have taught other than your own. Please include the following for each:




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Please list at least 3 references that are familiar with your education, professional work, and/or character. Include their name and either a phone number or email. 

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Please write a short paragraph bio about yourself. This will be used to promote your classes and give parents/students an idea of who you are. 

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By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth herein are true and complete and that I will be subject to removal for any false information provided or information withheld.

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