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SAC Day Instructor Application

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Secondary Academic Class Day is a non-denominational Christian homeschool co-op that provides academic opportunities for 7th-12th grade homeschooled students. HCCH is a Christian organization, adhering to the historical tenets of the Christian faith. Your participation with HCCH does not require you to agree with our beliefs, however you will be required to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with them and not promote contrary doctrines or beliefs while participating with HCCH (Please see our Statement of Faith). 

If you are interested in applying for an instructor position, please submit this application. If there are no openings, SAC Day will keep this application on file for future reference.

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Please list teaching experience and any additional relevant employment or experience, including teaching in a homeschool setting. This would inlcude any students you have taught other than your own. Please include the following for each:




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Please list at least 3 non-family references that are familiar with your professional work. Include their name, phone number and email.

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By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth herein are true and complete and that I will be subject to removal for any false information provided or information withheld.
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