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This is the Hill Country Christian Homeschoolers’ online registration application!!!

HCCH Membership Annual Registration Fee is $35.00 for the current school year.  We accept new members anytime during the year at our regular registration fee.  Your membership dues go towards this website membership, our group liability insurance, and help fund many of our HCCH sponsored events throughout the year!  *Annual renewal for current members occurs during late summer/early fall via our invoice system.

By filling out this online application AND paying your $35 registration dues via Paypal, you will become a member of HCCH and receive online access to our members’ website, calendar, message forum, event sign-ups and private Facebook group.

*** Please note that many of our activities take place in or near the city of Bulverde, TX. ***

HCCH Membership Payment:
After filling out the following online application form, be sure to submit your HCCH Registration Fee using the PayPal "Add to Cart" button on the next page.  HCCH will no longer be accepting membership payments via mailed check.    

Upon receipt of payment, our membership coordinator will send you an email confirmation activating your HCCH membership and website access.  You will be able to login to your HCCH account and access the members’ side of the HCCH website at this time.

Please contact [email protected] with any HCCH membership registration questions.

In order to eliminate redundancy of information, and reduce the number of places our families have to enter duplicate information, some of the information collected during this registration process is collected strictly for use by IBUIClasses or IPAC DayI Co-Op.  If you do not intend to register with either of these at this time, please disregard the questions.  If you decide to register with one or both of these at a later date, you will be required to Edit Your Profile to add the information.

Registration Fees for both BU and PAC Day are not collected during this registration process.

If you have PAC Day Co-op registration questions, please contact [email protected].
If you have Bulverde United Class Days registration questions, please contact [email protected].

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The following information is only viewable by HCCH, BU and/or PAC Day Board members.

In the event of an emergency during an HCCH, BU or PAC Day Event, please provide an Emergency Contact to ensure we can contact someone about the situation, in case the parent(s) are involved or unable to be reached.