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HCCH Yearbook Ordering

Did you know that our HCCH has its own yearbook each year for the kids?  Our SAC Day Journalism class organizes our yearbook for our group each year.  Our yearbooks are very professional, hardback yearbooks with color pictures!

Student Portraits for the Yearbook:
Individual student portraits will be organized by HCCH in the fall semester to be taken with our photographer at no cost to families.  HCCH will also organize a make-up day in the spring for those who missed the fall portrait sessions.  All HCCH families will have the opportunity to have their students' portraits taken for the yearbook.  Grade-level class pictures are also taken for each grade-level at SAC Day, HAAC Day and our End-of-Year Showcase.

HCCH Yearbook Cost:  

  • $40.00 each.

To Pre-Order the HCCH Yearbook:

Here are the details: It’s easy to order yearbooks online!  Just follow these steps:

   Go to https://memorybook.com/online-pay/parent-pay/

  1. Enter the HCCH pay code 108169 and then click “Go to your School Store Login/Registration.”
  2. Click on the link for HCCH School Store.
  3. Login or create a new account if you don't already have one.
  4. Click on year book icon.
  5. Select child or add one using the "+" button.
  6. Click "Continue Checkout."


Buy your yearbook today!  The yearbooks arrive in mid-August 2022 and members who purchased a book can pick up their yearbooks at SAC Day classes on Mondays, during school hours once the yearbooks arrive.  

* Did you forget to pre-order your yearbook?  HCCH tries to order a few extra yearbooks to sell to members who did not pre-order their yearbook as long as we didn't sell out.  This quantity will be limited to a first come, first serve basis.  Contact [email protected] to purchase a past yearbook.