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HCCH Yearbook

HCCH offers a hardcover yearbook each year for your students! The Bulverde United Class Days Yearbook Journalism class designs and creates a beautiful book every year. The yearbook covers ALL of HCCH, from PreK to 12th Grade. You do not need to be part of BU or PAC Day to be included. 

Our unique situation as a homeschool group means you will get out of the yearbook what you put into it. We need you to take stellar photos of your kiddos in the areas of academics, student life, and sports to make sure everyone is represented in the yearbook. Keep in mind we are most interested in pictures that tell a story, action shots will be chosen over posed pictures. Send us pictures of both extracurricular activities your student is involved in, as well as academic pursuits at home and everywhere else you "do school."

Student Portraits for the Yearbook:
Individual student portraits will be organized by HCCH in the fall semester at no cost to families.  All HCCH families will have the opportunity to have their students' portraits taken for the yearbook. Digital copies of the portraits will be offered to families for a small fee, but purchase is not required for inclusion in the yearbook. 

HCCH Yearbook Cost:  

  • $45.00 each.
    - 99 cent online processing fee

To Pre-Order the HCCH Yearbook:

   1. visit https://shop.memorybook.com/login
   2. set up an account if you don't have one already (school code: 108169m)
   3. NOTE: All yearbooks are sent to the yearbook staff after paying, and will be passed out at an HCCH event in July or August.

2023-24 Important Dates

  • September 18th and 25th at BU (For BU Students and all HCCH members) SIGN UP HERE
  • PAC Day kids will have their pictures taken 9/29 and 10/6 (if needed) NO SIGN UP NECESSARY
  • Photo Submissions open 9/5/2023 and close 5/31/2024 Go HERE to learn more!