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SAC Day Handbook

Purpose and Mission

Secondary Academic Class (SAC) Day Purpose

In accordance with the HCCH mission, SAC Day has been established for HCCH member families to help meet an academic need. Classes are offered for 7th-12th grade students in core subjects and electives, as interest and available tutors allow.

Understanding that SAC Day is not meant to replace your homeschool studies, but to enhance them, SAC Day cannot meet the total academic needs of every student. Tutors provide grades only; transcript preparation remains the responsibility of the parent. 

SAC Day Vision for Education

Qualified tutors offer core classes that meet Texas high school graduation requirements. Our desire is to assist students in developing qualities needed for independent study that will help in college and/or the work environment.

SAC Day Limitations

Due to our limitation of time, space, and staff, SAC Day is unable to provide classes for students with special academic, emotional or physical needs.

Each student and their family must agree to abide by the SAC Day rules if they will participate in SAC Day classes.

SAC Day Organization

SAC Day is organized by parents of SAC Day who serve in a voluntary capacity with new board members appointed as the need arises. The SAC Day Board will set the class schedule and calendar, secure facility usage of Bulverde Baptist Church, interview and approve all tutors, help resolve conflicts between tutors, students, parents and others, and plan SAC Day graduation ceremonies with assistance from parents of graduating seniors.

The SAC Day Board is a primary committee of HCCH as described in Article V, Section 1 of the HCCH By-laws.



SAC Day has a responsibility to provide an environment that is Christian, respectable, and conducive to learning. The following will
outline expectations and behavior that will aid the Board, teachers, and volunteers to maintain a positive atmosphere for
all. SAC Day functions on a volunteer basis and we appreciate your efforts in supporting our policies.


  • SAC Day expects from all students, behavior that honors God, words that encourage and show respect for all students, adult volunteers, teachers and church staff. This includes a respect for guidelines established by SAC Day for both the parents and students.
  • Parents are asked to work diligently with the Board and tutors to help resolve any behavior, discipline, and/or academic issues involving their students.
  • The Board is made up of volunteers and while they do their best to provide for the needs at SAC Day, they need your help. At least one parent must sign up for a volunteer opportunity at SAC Day.  
  • SAC Day will also require a parent to be a campus monitor for 4 half-day shifts. You will be sent a sign up link before the school year begins. 
  • SAC Day Board members can be reached by emailing [email protected]


  • Conflicts between students should be handled following Biblical standards as found in Matthew 18:15-17. In short, first go straight to the offender and try to resolve the conflict. If this does not resolve the issue, bring in a parent or tutor to help resolve the issue. If needed, you can bring the issue to the SAC Board for help in resolving the conflict. 
  • Conflicts between Students/Parents and Tutors should be handled similiarly. Students and parents are expected to contact the tutor directly to resolve any issues. If the conflict cannot be resolved after attempts are made with the tutor, the student/parent/tutor may contact the Board for assistance.
  • Respectable behavior is expected in boy/girl relationships. This includes no uncomfortable flirting, physical displays of affection, or one-on-one unsupervised interactions. This is a class day, not a date.
  • No vandalizing or harming BBC property in any way.


  • Regular class attendance is required. Remember that one absence is equivalent to a week of instruction. Please consider your family’s schedule before committing to classes. 
  • Students are allowed 4 absences during the school year. Any missed days over 4 per year will be considered excessive and not only has the potential of affecting the student’s educational experience, but may also be the basis for removal from the class.
  • Students and/or parents need to notify the tutor directly as well as contact SAC Day at [email protected] when absent and are responsible for completing all missed assignments.
  • Students must be picked up after they have completed their last class. Families with siblings attending SAC Day may pick up their students when all their classes are complete.
  • Please be respectful of the volunteers who monitor SAC Day during the class day and don’t be late. Families more than 5 minutes late at the end of the day will be charged $25 for after school care. Failure to pay the late fee will affect the student’s ability to attend classes. Any continued habit of being late may result in dismissal from SAC Day.


  • Students need to maintain a passing average. Tutors will work directly with the student and parent to resolve any issues regarding failing grades. SAC Day Board will only be involved at the request of either tutor or family.
  • The online grading system will allow students to view assignments and grades and can be found at sacday.neolms.com. All students will be assigned a login and password. All parents will also have a separate account allowing them to access their student’s assignments and grades. An email will be sent out to each parent/student with login instructions.


  • Cell phones are not to be used in class and should be kept in backpacks either turned off or on silent so as not to disturb instruction. Tutors have the right to take phones for the duration of the class if there is a disruption. Phones that become a distraction to other students or adults in the study hall area will be handled case-by-case.
  • Families, students, tutors, and Board members are expected to work together to create an encouraging and uplifting environment while they attend SAC Day. Disciplinary action will be administered to any person for inappropriate, violent, crude, or foul language and images exhibited in a public form, including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, blogs, twitter, and texting.
  • Parents are expected to have a very serious conversation with their student about phone usage including who they are allowed to give thier number to, proper ediquitte of when/how to communicate with peers, and what types of photos they should be sharing with each other.
  • Each family has different rules for phone usage for their students. Remind your student that some of their peers may not be allowed to watch videos or scroll through pictures on phones. It's best to keep that to yourself, unless you know each other's rules.


  • No inappropriate or immodest clothing, including but not limited to: t-shirts with offensive words or images, sheer tops to expose undergarments, pants below natural waistline, strapless or spaghetti strap tops, crop tops, V-neck or scoop tops that are cut especially low.
  • Sleeveless tops need to be at least 3 finger widths wide at the shoulder 
  • Shorts and skirts must be longer than the tips of the fingers when the students arms hang at their sides, it must be obvious that your student is wearing shorts/skirt.
  • Adults on campus are the determiner of violations of dress code and reserve the right to instruct students to comply with code. 
  • Student dress should not be a distraction to students, tutors or other persons at Bulverde Baptist Church during class day.


  • Students are allowed in the education building and study hall/lunch room during SAC Day hours.
  • Hallways are not to be used for visiting while classes are in session.
  • Lunch may be eaten in the designated lunch room or outside (if an adult monitor is outside) only. All trash must be disposed of by the student.
  • The main church building is off limits to all students.
  • The gym can be used only if a monitor is present and there is not another class using the gym. 
  • Students may not use the church’s equipment. SAC Day has basketballs for students to use.
  • No food or drinks are permitted in the gym.
  • SAC Day has been blessed to be able to use the church for classes. Please be respectful of the property at all times.  


  • Students are allowed to use the benches in front of the education and youth buildings as well as the table at the side of the education building only if a parent or monitor is present.
  • Students may not climb trees
  • Students may not use the playground. Younger siblings (up to 5 years of age) may use the playground with parent supervision.
  • No skateboards or anything that might cause bodily injury are allowed. Please be considerate of safety and cars in the parking lot while on campus.
  • Students are not allowed to wander around the church facility/parking lot. They must stay in the designated areas. 
  • Students are not allowed to sit in their vehicles alone or with other students except to enter and exit the campus.


  • First offense – The issues will be brought to the student’s attention by the adult on duty. Depending on the severity of the offense, parents may be notified.
  • Second offense – Parents will be notified by an email. Depending on the severity of the offense, parents may be asked to meet with the Board. Discipline will be administered.
  • Third offense – Parents and students must meet with the Board. Further disciplinary action will be taken which may include probation or expulsion.
  • Probation – Used when a student has habitually disobeyed the rules or his behavior is cause for immediate concern. When possible, we give this discipline as a means of grace, giving the student time to align his heart, mind, and will with what is expected of all students. However, probation is not possible in some cases, and the Board may deem it necessary to move directly to expulsion.
  • Expulsion – Severe behavioral or academic problems may result in immediate expulsion from SAC Day classes and activities for the remainder of the school year. No fees will be refunded to families when a student has been expelled. The SAC Day Board has the authority to expel any student at any time that exhibits inappropriate or unacceptable behavior that affects the positive learning environment promoted at SAC Day.

SAC Day Add/Drop Policy

Registration for classes is a year-long commitment. To honor the commitment that our tutors make, we request families commit to paying for their classes in full with post-dated checks by month or semester. There is a 6 week time period at the beginning of the school year in which a family can cancel a class and only pay for the fall semester. However, after that 6 week drop period, payment for the full year is non-refundable. The 6-week drop period ends after the 6th class day of the year, which is usually the last Monday in September.

Adding a class is by approval of the tutor, based on room in their class, as well as time of the year. If you would like to add a class, please contact the SAC Board at [email protected] and we will see if it is possible.

We realize there are extreme exceptions to any rule that a family might encounter during the year, so please discuss these issues with a SAC Day Board member.

To Drop a Class:

  1. Notify the SAC Day Board at [email protected] and the tutor of the desire to drop a class and the reason for dropping the class. Failure to notify either party by the last Monday in September will result in payment of the full year’s tuition. 
  2. If a class is dropped BEFORE the first day of class, FALL AND SPRING SEMESTER TUITION will be refunded, minus the registration fee and August tuition payment which are non-refundable.
  3. If class is dropped BEFORE the last Monday in September, checks for the SPRING SEMESTER TUITION will be returned to the family.
  4. If the class is dropped AFTER the last Monday in September, Fall and Spring semester tuition will NOT be returned.

To Add a Class:

  1.  Approval must be received from both the SAC Day Board and the tutor to add any class after classes begin in August. The parent must first contact the Board at [email protected] to request the class to be added.
  2. The Board will contact the tutor to discuss adding the class.
  3. Adds after the 6th Monday of classes are extremely rare. There must be extenuating circumstances for adds to be after the 6th Monday.
  4. The student must be able to pick up where the class is in the curriculum and make up any homework, tests, etc… as the teacher deems appropriate.
  5. The Board will contact the parent to advise of the decision.
  6. If approval is given, the parent must complete the online sac day registration form & pay the fee (if not done previously) as well as enroll for the class online at myhcch.com.
  7. When adding a class, the parent must follow the tuition policy in providing post-dated monthly checks (supply fee and August tuition must be included in the 1st month’s check) or tuition for each semester (supply fee must be included in the fall semester check).
  8. The student may not attend the newly added class until online registration is complete and tuition is received.


Please register for classes carefully. It is especially important that families understand that each class has a yearly tuition fee. Our tutors are making a commitment to teach your student for the full term, and you need to make that same commitment. You are hiring the tutor to do a job for your family. When you register for a class or classes, you are entering into a BINDING AGREEMENT AND COMMITMENT with each tutor. Each tutor is making financial decisions for their family based on the number of students they have enrolled in their classes. For some of our tutors, this is how they earn a living for their families. Please review your commitment to FULLY pay for all classes as a business transaction. Be honorable and trustworthy and pay each person what is owed to them.

Every parent must understand and commit to pay the YEARLY TUITION FEE IN FULL, EVEN IF THE CLASS IS DROPPED BEFORE THE SCHOOL YEAR ENDS. The class fee is not based upon whether your student is able to complete the class or not. The only exception is if the class is dropped before the last Monday of September, the parent is committed to pay only the remaining balance of the FALL SEMESTER TUITION, BUT the SPRING SEMESTER TUITION checks will be returned.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for SAC Day is $100 and is NON-REFUNDABLE. A portion of the registration fee will be donated to the church for use of their facility.

Campus Monitor/Cleaning Fee

Included in your $100 registration fee is the Campus Monitor/Cleaning Fee. Our facility requires us to monitor the campus closely to help prevent accidents and to keep the students safe. The board and staff also appreciate help at the end of the day cleaning and returning the church to its original condition each week. Please sign up for 4 spots during registration. Once you have completed your 4th designated time slot as a campus monitor, your cleaning fee ($40) will be reimbursed back to you.

Tuition and Supply/Lab Fees

Tuition for the ENTIRE YEAR is due at the time of registration. Registration is not complete until the year’s tuition is received for each class. The first month’s tuition, supply fee, and SAC Day registration fee are non-refundable. See below for details: 

There are 2 options for tuition payments. Please make sure all payments are labeled with student name and course in the memo line.

  1. A separate check for the 1st month’s tuition plus supply/lab fee is due NOW. This 1st month tuition will cover the weeks students attend class in August as well as the two weeks classes are in session in December, plus the supply/lab fee for each class if applicable. Checks may be cashed immediately and are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

    1. You may then write monthly, post-dated checks for each tutor for the full year. 

    2. Checks are written for Sept/Oct/Nov and Jan/Feb/March/April.

    3. There is no tuition due in May as it is included in the January tuition.

    4. The checks (except for the 1st month tuition & supply fee) will not be given to the tutors until the 1st Monday of each month.

    5. For all our "cash only" people, you can write your checks ahead for Sept/Oct/Nov and Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr (the August check must be written separately as above stated), but then you must come to SAC Day on the 1st Monday of each month, beginning in September and see Rachel Wheat to switch out your checks for cash. The cash must be received before your student attends their 1st class. Otherwise, the check(s) will be given to each tutor.         OR???????????

  2.  A separate check for the 1st month’s tuition plus supply/lab fee is due NOW. This 1st month tuition will cover the weeks students attend class in August as well as the two weeks classes are in session in December, plus the supply/lab fee for each class if applicable. Checks may be cashed immediately and are NON-REFUNDABLE.You may then write a check to each tutor for the remaining balance of the fall semester and a post-dated check for the full amount of the spring semester for each class.

    1. The check for 1st month’s tuition and supply fee is due NOW. The Fall semester check will be given to the tutor on the 1st Monday in September.

    2. The check for spring semester will not be given to the tutors until the 1st day of Spring semester in January.

    3. For all our "cash only" people, you can write your checks ahead, but then you must come to SAC Day on the 1st day of Fall semester in August and on the 1st day of Spring semester in January and see Rachel Wheat to switch out your checks for cash. The cash must be received before your student attends their 1st class. Otherwise, the check(s) will be given to each tutor. 


  1. Make checks out to each individual tutor (see fee schedule for cost of tuition and supply fees) and mail all checks to: Rachel Wheat PO Box 1828 Blanco, TX 78606
  2. All checks will be kept in a safety deposit box until given to the tutors.
  3. If you have more than one student taking a class or if your student is taking more than one class with a particular tutor, you may combine payments, using one check per tutor as long as the student names and classes are labeled in the memo line.  
  4. The last Monday in September is the last day to drop a class in order to receive a refund for the SPRING SEMESTER - no exceptions (the FALL SEMESTER tuition and supply/lab fees are non-refundable).
  5. After the last day of September, no refunds will be given and payment for both semesters is still required. Checks will still be given to each tutor each month or by semester depending upon how you paid initially.

Late Payment Fees:

If tuition checks do not clear, a $5 late fee will be added, and bank fees will apply in addition to the regular tuition payment. For each subsequent week that payment is not made, an additional $5 is added to the total fee per class as follows:

  • After 2nd Monday - pay tuition plus $10 late fee
  • After 3rd Monday - pay tuition, plus $15 late fee
  • If the tuition in which the check did not clear is not paid by the 4th Monday, the student must drop their class.
  • The student is still responsible for payment of the full year’s tuition and will not be allowed to attend any class at SAC Day in the current year or in subsequent years until all outstanding fees are paid.