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Winter Formal

Date – Time

Friday, January 5th – 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Grade/Age Restriction

9th–12th ; 14 y/o–19 y/o


Carriage Hills Ranch
125 Moore Lane
Blanco, TX 78606 US
Parents are welcome to drop off students in the parking lot, but please don't stay on the property. We need to be sure our kids are safe and no one without a ticket (or our appointed chaperones) is on the property.

Additional Information

Important Info About Winter Formal *Tickets go on sale 11/24* 

Carefully read the following guidelines, you will be asked to agree to them before signing up for this event.

  1. HCCH will provide adult chaperones in the venue and in the parking lot/outside areas. 

  2. No student is allowed to leave the dance, go to a car in the parking lot, and come back into the dance. If a student leaves, they will not be allowed back in. If a student needs to go out to a car, they can ask for a chaperone to go with them. That is the only way they will be allowed to leave and come back in. 

  3. Absolutely NO alcohol, drugs, or vapes are allowed!

  4. This is a formal event and formal attire is requested. No need to go overboard, but please don’t show up in jeans and a hoodie either. Formal dresses must be modest (not too short, tight, low cut, no bare midriffs). You are welcome to text Erin (210-842-4155) or Heather (623-810-9958) if you want confirmation that the dress meets our dress code, in advance of the dance. 

  5. This is a drop-off event. Parents can drop off and pick up students in the parking lot, but please do not come into the venue or hang out on the property. If your student does not have a phone, and you need to let them know you are here to pick them up, feel free to call or text Erin or Heather and we will send your student out to the parking lot to meet you.

  6. Tickets will be purchased online and names checked at the door. If you have not paid for a ticket online, you will not be allowed in. If we have extra tickets available, they can be purchased at the door for $50. We have a limited amount of tickets and expect to sell out.

  7. We will have a paid photographer at the dance and she will publish all the pictures of the night for everyone to enjoy and download, at no cost to you. 

  8. Hesson Entertainment will be our DJ this year. There will be no explicit lyrics allowed, but the music will be from current and past popular artists and genres.

  9. Feel free to reach out to Erin Alsup with any questions or concerns, at 210-842-4155.

All tickets must be purchased through HCCH this year. Click "Sign Up Now" below and select your student's name from the drop-down menu. If you are signing up more than one student, click the green plus sign to add a student. If you are bringing a guest (one per HCCH student), you will list their name/age/birthdate in the "I'm bringing a guest" box AND ALSO be sure to click the green plus sign and register them as well, you will put in their name instead of using the drop down menu. 

We want our Gloria Deo Friends to feel welcome to join in the fun! There are 3 ways for you to grab your tickets:

1. Become an HCCH member! It's only $35 per year for the whole family. It gives you quick and easy access to all our extracurricular events for parents and students. Due to our growth spurt and our dances starting to sell out quickly, this is the best way to ensure your students can attend our future dances, not to mention our other fun events like seasonal parties, field trips, parent workshops, book club, Mom's night out, etc. The fee covers your website access and our liability insurance and enables us to continue offering these fun events!

2. Send your student as a guest of an HCCH student. HCCH students are allowed to bring one guest each. They can pay for your ticket and you can pay them back. 

3. Contact Heather Neufeld @ 623-810-9958 or [email protected] and she can send you a special link. We will have a very limited number of non-member tickets availiable. 

Tickets are $40 each and there is an online pay fee of $1.20 per ticket. If you register but do not pay, the website will delete your registration after 48 hours and you will have to re-register.