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HCCH Mini-Convention (Book Sale & Workshops)

Add to Your Calendar: 05/24/2022 09:30 05/24/2022 14:30 America/Chicago HCCH Mini-Convention (Book Sale & Workshops) HCCH Mini-Convention (Book Sale & Workshops) Bulverde Baptist Church Hill Country Christian Homeschoolers [email protected] false mm/dd/yyyy aUinrLWZczwYavqgBmQP30959

Date – Time

Tuesday, May 24 – 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM


Bulverde Baptist Church
1331 Bulverde Rd.
Bulverde, TX 78163 US

Additional Information

Our 2022 HCCH Book Sale is going to be bigger and better than ever! Here's everything you need to know:

You do not need to sign up to attend. Everyone is welcome and it is free. Sign up is only for sellers/vendors. Thank you!

INDIVIDUAL SELLERS: If you wish to sell used curriculum/books/homeschool supplies, the cost is $5 per seller to help off-set the cost of the facility. Signup and pay below, you don't have to be a member of HCCH. The church only has 20 tables available for us, so depending on participation, I think we will need some of you to bring your own table. If you have one and can do that, let me know in the sign up. The cost will be $5 whether you bring your own table or not. You will price your own items, bring your own change, and stay at your table during the sale. Set up will begin at 9:00 am (sale begins at 10:00, if you set up early, you may have time to make some purchases before the actual sale begins) and we will end the sale at 2:30 pm for cleanup. There will be a "FREE table" you can place items on and anything you want to leave at the sale will be donated, or you can take your unsold items home with you. If you sell out or want to leave early, you are welcome to do that. 

VENDORS/ORGANIZATIONS:  If you own a business or organization that caters to the homeschool community, you are welcome to purchase a place at our mini-convention! You can set up a table and advertise/sell your product/service. The cost will be $25. We only have 20 tables available at the church so we need you to bring your own. If you are intersted in being a part of our mini-convention, please email Heather Neufeld at [email protected]. Do not sign up below. We will send an invoice for you to pay. 

WORKSHOPS: We are thrilled to offer FREE workshops on homeschooling throughout the day. Children are welcome to sit in on the workshops, just bring something to keep them occupied and step out if they become disruptive. Thank you!

9:30 am   “Why Christian Children Should Receive a Thoroughly Christian Education”

Keynote Speaker: Pastor Gabriel Wetmore received his B.A. in Philosophy from California State University, Long Beach. He then received a Master of Divinity from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, a conservative Protestant seminary. He has pastored churches in Michigan, Louisiana, California, and has recently founded Christ Church Boerne. He has taught in multiple Classical Christian schools and is committed to training up Christian kids to embrace their faith, love God’s word, and to faithfully fight under Christ’s banner until their life’s end.

10:30 am   Wren House Writing Workshop by Celeste Dixon:

A seminar for parents about the essential writing components necessary for students of all ages. Using the idea of a “writing rope,” Celeste will explain explicit elements of quality writing, such as form, structure, and organization, along with examples and encouragement for both children and parents. We want our children to be able to communicate and to be successful in life and on their academic journey.This seminar can be useful in strengthening and enriching your homeschool. Be ready to learn and get excited about writing!

Celeste R. Dixon is a passionate teacher who was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. She earned her Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Undergraduate Degree and her Masters in English and American Literature at the University of Texas at El Paso. In 1995 she moved to San Antonio and now calls the Hill Country home. She has taught for the last 18 years, both primary and secondary grades, and is blessed to now homeschool her own two children, Price and Samantha. She has also taught children of various ages at church and has traveled to Romania and Guatemala on missions to teach children the English language and share the love of Jesus Christ. She recently has been trained in the dyslexia program Reading by Design and desires to continue to learn and improve in her teaching experience. 

11:30 am  Homeschool 101 by Heather Neufeld:

Is homeschooling the right choice for my family? Is it legal? How much does it cost? Where do I start? Homeschool 101 covers everything you need to know about homeschooling in Texas, including: Texas law, withdrawing from public school, socialization, methods, approaches, curriculum, support groups, and more! If you are considering homeschooling, new to the journey, or have been at it for a while, this workshop is for you. There will be a time at the end for questions & answers.

Heather Neufeld is a Homeschool Consultant and Board Member for Secondary Academic Class Day at Hill Country Christian Homeschoolers. She has been homeschooling since 2003, successfully graduated two sons from high school, navigated college admissions, and is currently homeschooling an 8th and 10th grader. She worked for FEAST as a homeschool resource specialist before starting her home based business. She is passionate about the benefits of homeschooling and enjoys helping others navigate their homeschool journey. 

12:30pm  Reading is a Superpower by Michelle Wanders:

What is the one thing your kids can do to improve their language arts skills?  READ! This workshop will provide you with the information you need to improve literacy outcomes in your home.  We will explore how the brain reads in order to understand a variety of language and literacy topics. Learn what reading instruction should look like across grade levels and how it affects vocabulary, grammar, and writing.  Find out what teaching methods are effective.  Discover some tips for getting your reluctant reader’s nose in a book.  The content can be applied to all ages and reading levels, and that even means YOU! Reading is a superpower.  Come join me to find out why.

Michelle Wanders has 9 years home education experience with her 3 boys.  She grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Arizona and her Master of Science in Communication Disorders from Arizona State University.  Michelle enjoyed a career as a Speech Language Pathologist in the public school, hospital, and home health settings until she left the field to homeschool her children full-time.  Now she uses her love for learning and science to teach classes for the homeschool community. 

1:30pm  Homeschool 102- High School by Heather Neufeld:

Homeschooling in High School? Is that even legal? How will they get into college? Homeschool 102 will address these questions and so much more! If your student is in high school and you are just beginning your homeschool journey OR you have been homeschooling for a while and people around you are starting to ask, “Will you keep homeschooling in high school?” This workshop is for you! You will learn the answers to all those questions you have and others ask. We will cover what is required, curriculum choices, dual credit, AP, CLEP, transcripts, GPA, credit hours, testing, extra curriculars, and graduating. 

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    9:00 AM       Set Up Begins  
9:30 AM   Keynote Speaker  
10:00 AM Sale Begins
10:30 AM   Writing Workshop  
11:30 AM Homeschool 101
12:30 PM     Reading Workshop    
1:30 PM Homeschool 102
2:30 PM Clean Up Begins
3:00 PM DONE



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