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What is PAC Day?

PAC (Primary Academic Co-Op) is a parent-led co-op for HCCH member families that meets weekly for two 10 week semesters each year.


How much does it cost?

• Registration Fee – $15 per family, per semester
• Church Donation Fee – $20 per family, per semester
• Class Supply Fees can range from $0 – $150 per class, per semester


When and where does PAC Day meet?

PAC Day meets at a local church in Bulverde, TX on Fridays from 9am-12pm each week during the semester.


Is this a drop-off type co-op?

No. Every child who participates in PAC Day must have at least one parent or guardian on campus at all times helping in some capacity.


What grade levels in PAC for?

Classes are offered for Pre-K through 8th grade, with childcare available for newborn through age 2 children of participating parents.

Please note: There is no nursery available at the church. However, there is a quiet room available for mothers with infants.


What types of classes does PAC offer?

For 3rd through 8th grade, classes are offered in some supplemental core subjects and also electives. The majority of classes are taught by parent volunteers, who decide what they’d like to teach. The PAC Day Board works with the parent volunteers to ensure a variety of classes are offered.

For Pre-K through 2nd grade, students are grouped together by grade level and remain with their class all three hours.


How big are the classes?

Most classes average between 8-15 students.


Do teachers give out grades?



Can I just join PAC Day (and not HCCH)?

No. PAC Day is offered to HCCH families only, so you must become a member of HCCH before joining PAC Day. In addition to PAC Day, HCCH offers field trips, events, and activities for all ages.


Do I have to join PAC if I become a member of HCCH?

No. PAC Day is strictly voluntary and is only one of the many great things HCCH offers!


Do I have to participate in both the fall and spring semesters of PAC?

No. We register per semester (not school year).


My oldest child is 5, can I still register for PAC Day?

Yes, but if maximum capacity is reached in Babies, Toddlers, Pre-K, or Kindergarten, preference will be given to those families who also have children in 1st through 8th grades. We do our best to take as many families as we can.


Do classes fill up?

Yes! Our classes are popular and fill up quickly. If a class is full, a waitlist is available.


How do I guarantee my child will get into PAC Day?

Preference is given to children of teachers, so we strongly encourage you to teach a class!



If you're interested in joining PAC Day for the upcoming semester, please click here.

If you have additional questions, please email us at [email protected].